10 Awesome Sticker Marketing Ideas

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Some of the best marketing on the planet is achieved via stickers. Creative sticker marketing is unique, different, and memorable; it can be funny or poignant, and it almost always employs clever use of the environment to force potential customers to think. When your brand is powerfully represented, sticker marketing can lead to long-term loyalty and sales. Check out the following 10 awesome sticker marketing ideas.

Help the HomelessView Idea»

This creative marketing campaign gave the “nutritional value” of eating out of a trash can to draw attention to the plight of homeless people.

 Help the Homeless


IBM Tech SupportView Idea»

IBM wanted to demonstrate that its tech support was so good, it was like having an in-house department.

IBM Partnership Center: Just Down The Hall

ALC Computer SupportView Idea»

ALC Computer Support placed these stickers on the bottom of mouses at Internet cafes to promote their services.

A.L.C. Computer Support: Mouse

Red CrossView Idea»

Do you know what to do in an emergency? Red Cross wanted to increase awareness for its CPR and First Aid classes and did so with a sticker that appeared to be an injured or sick man.

 Canadian Red Cross: Fallen Man


Calle SoccerView Idea »

Calle Soccer promoted its brand by placing round soccer ball stickers on crosswalk signs.

Calle Soccer: Sign


Mini CabrioView Idea»

The Mini Cabrio’s sunroof was promoted with stickers around things that opened or at least gave the impression of an open environment.

Mini: Always open

StaminaView Idea»

Stamina promoted its intimate lubricating gel with stickers that fit around trunk locks.

Semina Gel: Car lock


Water ConservationView Idea»

This manhole-covering sticker promoted water conservation.



Sweet Pete’sView Idea»

Sweet Pete’s Bike Shop promoted its brand, bicycling safety, and awareness of bicyclers all in one fell swoop with this creative peel-off sticker.

 Sweet Pete's Bike Shop: Bike Safety Cling


Gold’s GymView Idea»

Gold’s Gym promoted its weight-loss programs with a funny elevator sticker.

Gold's Gym: Elevator


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