10 Awesome Whiskey Bottle Designs

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American, Canadian, Irish, Scottish, whiskey or whisky, the powerful booze is a source of great distiller pride; but when it comes to lesser-known brands and small batches, the label design is what attracts customers to give it a try. From classic elegance to contemporary boldness, whiskey bottle designs run the gamut of creative possibilities. Drink up the following 10 awesome whiskey bottle designs.

Indio Spirits View website»

This label design incorporates a slight tilt to help it command attention and add attitude.

Indio Spirits


Masterson’s Rye Whiskey View website»

Many distillers take great pride in their histories, which can be so unique as to be selling points themselves.  Masterson’s puts their story right on the label.

Masterson’s Rye Whiskey

Stillhouse Original Moonshine View website»

The “Moonshine” incorporates a stroke and shadow to pop off the bottle, commanding attention for the product and adding modern balance to the classic script font employed on the majority of the label.

Stillhouse Original Moonshine


Great King Street WhiskeyView website»

An old-school architectural-type drawing is blended with a hand-sketched font to lend this whiskey grand appeal.

Great King Street Whiskey


GlenrothesView website»

This label features a bold date and a “hand-written” form to suggest tradition and originality for the brand.


Jameson Gold ReserveView website»

Jameson promotes class and nobility with its rich gold-colored label, which contrasts well with its green bottle.

Jameson Gold Reserve

Old Malt Cask 10CL View website»

Back in the day, a shot of whiskey would cure what ails.  That theme is brought to live in modernity with these apothecary-like whiskey bottle label designs.

Old Malt Cask 10CL


Nikka Pure MaltView website»

This label design features the company’s logo front and center, and the box takes a cue from Masterson’s by incorporating a history lesson intended to demonstrate quality and tradition while motivating sales.

Nikka Pure Malt


Bruichladdich Rocks View website»

Bruichladdich’s label design features contemporary design that employs similar shades and textures to promote a mood that fits its brand.

Bruichladdich Rocks


Glenmorangie 25 Years Old View website»

The gold seal and lettering add prestige to this anniversary bottle, already a standout for its unique shape.

Glenmorangie 25 Years Old


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