10 Most Creative PETA Ads Ever

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Whether you stand behind PETA’s cause, are a staunch opponent, or entirely indifferent, you have to admit that PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) has routinely unleashed some of the most creative ads we’ve ever seen.  Let’s examine 10 of PETA’s most creative ads ever, (mostly) not featuring naked women.

Dogs and cats can’t use condoms

This PETA ad doesn’t feature naked women, but it goes for shock value with an image of the pope holding a condom.

Creative PETA Ad


Stop cruelty to elephants

A lot of PETA ads depict humans enduring what animals are faced with, which is why they’re so effective.

Creative PETA Ad


Bare skin

A clever pun sets off this PETA ad featuring a naked (at least, that’s what’s implied) Jamie Bamber.

Creative PETA Ad

Who is on your plate?

In this ad, PETA’s model symbolizes a fish – hooked from the sea, fileted alive and served to paying customers.

Creative PETA Ad


All animals have the same parts

What is a beautiful woman were butchered to be sold off in parts?  This is where the cuts would be made – or, as this ad points out, where they are made on beef, pork and other animal food sources.

 Creative PETA Ad


Fur get me not

Christina Applegate encourages shoppers to avoid buying fur for holiday gifts (unless it’s fake, of course) in this Christmas ad with a pun.

Creative PETA Ad


Let vegetarianism grow on you

Pippa Black models a new “growth” – a green, leafy vegetable in this pun-laded PETA ad.

Creative PETA Ad


Ink not mink

PETA adherents can be badasses, as demonstrated by this ad featuring yet another PETA pun and Chester Bennington that encourages you to decorate your own skin, rather than wear the skin of animals.

Creative PETA Ad


Are you a zombie?

Zombie movie fans squirm at the thought of eating rotting flesh, but that’s what you’re doing when you eat meat, according to this horrifying PETA ad.

Creative PETA Ad


Pinocchio Armani

When Giorgio Armani broke his promise to stop using fur, PETA launched this ad campaign that included a political and societal statement.

Creative PETA Ad


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