10 Movie Monsters Immortalized As Fan Art

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Silver screen monsters will forever be popular scare sources for horrorphiles, and the most famous movie monsters are better known than the actors who portrayed them. Give yourself a case of the heebie jeebies with this collection of popular movie monster fan art.

Werewolf by Ramsey Sibaja View artwork»

I watched “Silver Bullet” when I was eight years old.  I’m still terrified of werewolves, yet I can’t help but watch every werewolf movie that comes out. 



The Mummy by David Duke View artwork»

Undead and he’s on the prowl, mummies were an earlier generation’s zombies.  This faux stamp by David Duke captures the Egyptian creature in all his dusty glory.

The Mummy


Creature from the Black Lagoon by Ruben Lara View artwork»

The Creature from the Black Lagoon wears a mischievous grin with contemporary style.

Creature from Black Lagoon


Dracula by Phil Balsman View artwork»

This caricature of the Count still retains an element of horror; in fact, that creepy countenance is nearly as terrifying as the real deal.



The Blob by Nancy Kdna View artwork»

The Blob is not only gooey and goopy, it’s also demonic and deadly.  Nancy Kdna reminds us of the B-movie terror with her own observation of the Blob’s, well, blobbiness. 

The Blob


Night of the Living Dead by Poleta Art View artwork»

Zombies are all the rage, and Poleta Art reminds us of their big screen origins.  Romero is a master!

Night of the Living Dead


King Kong by Kevin Beach View artwork»

Look closely and you’ll notice that this clever design of King Kong is rendered entirely in text.

King Kong


Frankenstein’s Monster by Ilacha View artwork»

We’ve all seen Frankenstein’s Monster countless times, but this is one of the most truly wicked renditions I’ve ever seen.  Imagine walking out your front door to this!

Frankenstein’s Monster


Bride of Frankenstein by Simon Hayag View artwork»

Don’t forget Frankie’s main squeeze! Here comes the bride, with her iconic electric hair and oddly beautiful visage. 

Bride of Frankenstein


Alien by Detkef View artwork»

If they find evidence of live on Mars, let’s hope it doesn’t even remotely resemble this!



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