7 Designs Featuring Missing Famous People

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Some people are famous because they’re missing, others went missing after becoming famous. When famous people go missing, the air of mystery, intrigue, and conspiracy is alluring to theorists, historians, and anyone who loves a good mystery. I’ve searched the world wide web to find the following seven awesome designs featuring missing famous people.


Steampunk Amelia by kristinaecarroll View artwork»

The first woman to cross the Atlantic by plane disappeared in the sky in 1937. This design brings her back in a retro-futuristic steampunk scene.

Steampunk Amelia


Glenn Miller by Michael Kroeger View artwork»

Though it’s likely Glenn Miller’s plane crashed into the English Channel in 1944, conspiracy theories abound. He was never found, but his legend lives on through his music.

Glenn Miller

Weldon Kees by Barry MoserView artwork»

Weldon Kees was a famous mid-century poet who disappeared in 1955. His car was found near the Golden Gate Bridge, but he was never seen or heard from again.

Weldon Kees


Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers by Steve LieberView artwork»

In one of the most famous jailbreaks in history, Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers escaped the infamous island prison of Alcatraz in 1962. They were never found, so no one knows if they drowned in their attempt or actually got away.

Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers


Hoffa’s Concrete Feet by thespiltinkView artwork»

Hoffa’s disappearance is perhaps the most notorious of all the missing persons cases. The union boss was last seen in 1975, and his last known appearance was allegedly at a meeting with two mafia members.

Hoffa's Concrete Feet


Ambrose Bierce by Gahan WilsonView artwork»

The American writer was so known for his bitterness he earned the nickname “Bitter Bierce.” He disappeared in 1913 while conducting research on the Mexican Revolution.

Ambrose Bierce


Richey James Edwards by AnnaroseSmithView artwork»

Edwards was the outspoken and dramatic guitarist of the band Manic Street Preachers. He disappeared without warning in 1995, though several have reported sightings.

Richey James Edwards


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