Beautiful Movie Posters #27 – Halloween

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Have you ever paid attention to the movie posters when you’re at a cinema? You can’t miss them every place on the wall is covered with an upcoming, or just released movie poster. There are lots and lots of movie posters, today we’ll show you our 25th selection of beautiful movie posters. Every Sunday we’ll add new, fabulous, posters, today we’ve chosen for a special theme: Halloween.


1. Halloween 5 – 1989

Beautiful Movie Posters #27



2. Halloween 2 – 1981 



3. Halloween 2 – 2009 



4. Halloween 2 – 2009



5. Halloween 2 – 2009



6. Halloween – 2007  



7. Halloween 3 – 1982



8. Halloween 4 – 1988



9. Halloween – 2007



10. Halloween – 1995

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