Hell Babes: A New Project by Hosam Ahmed

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In this post a new project created by Hosam Ahmed, a designer from Cairo, Egypt. The project is called Hell Babes, and shows you, well, exactly that! Check the artwork and some detail shots below. Interested in the stocks Hosam used? They’re included at the end of the post, enjoy!








  • Girl 1..http://im40.gulfup.com/M8BVB.jpg
  • Girl 2..http://im42.gulfup.com/uTq6k.jpg
  • Girl 3..http://im39.gulfup.com/t94Rw.jpg
  • Bridge…http://im35.gulfup.com/70JlM.jpg
  • Road…http://im42.gulfup.com/hvwCG.jpg
  • Officer 1…http://im35.gulfup.com/RGmRT.jpg
  • Officer 2…http://im37.gulfup.com/pfbKa.jpg
  • Car 1…http://im39.gulfup.com/haufR.png
  • Car 2…http://im36.gulfup.com/26sfM.jpg
  • Car 3…http://im36.gulfup.com/Qv0bt.jpg
  • Police car…http://im38.gulfup.com/XOq9B.jpg
  • Helicopter 1…http://im42.gulfup.com/rtjfO.jpg
  • Helicopter 2…http://im35.gulfup.com/RJO6g.jpg
  • Smoke…http://im36.gulfup.com/NYYhG.png
  • Dead Boy…http://im39.gulfup.com/t118l.jpg
  • Sword…http://im32.gulfup.com/SYC0H.jpg
  • Scratch…http://im37.gulfup.com/Qr2le.jpg
  • Dirt…http://im40.gulfup.com/tq1v1.png

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