Looking Back: The Visual Wall 2012

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If you’ve been following DI for a while now, you probably know that more than a year ago I released our visual wall. By then it was located on a subdomain of DI, due to the growth of the wall I decided to rename it, give it its own domain and it got relaunched in August. Looking back, the wall has done good work, inspired a lot of people and made a lot of designers very happy. If you’ve never shared your works before, don’t be shy, just upload your works, follow the rules and your work will appear there as well. In this post I have a selection of the 20 most popular post of 2012, enjoy!

Angry Birds Illustration


Spidey vs. Hulk


Spongebob Sparepants




Spider Man Displacement




Pepper Spade


Adobe Rangers




Asterix And Obelix


Adobe Family, 1882


Pure Evil


New Batgirl 12


Drunk Orange


Global Warming PSA - Time


Art is a Creation…


Pepper Heart






The Game of Life


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