Steampunk Star Wars

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Have you ever wondered how your favorite “Star Wars” characters would look like after a steampunk makeover? If so, or if not, either way 3D artist Bjorn Hurri has created a selection with steampunk star wars characters. According to Huffingtonpost, the reason why “Star Wars” villain Darth Vader didn’t make the cut, is because Hurri is still working on that one. My personal favorite is the version of Yoda, really liked that one!

Steampunk Star Wars - Han Solo


Steampunk Star Wars - Yoda


Steampunk Star Wars - Leia


Steampunk Star Wars - Chewbacca


Steampunk Star Wars - Luke Skywalker


Steampunk Star Wars - Boba Fett


Steampunk Star Wars - 3CPO


Steampunk Star Wars - Jabba the Hut


Steampunk Star Wars - Stormtropper


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