Submit your work!

If you want to get a feature here on Daily Inspiration, this is the page where you will have to set your first step in helping me discover you. There are 3 options you can choose from. First, you can submit your portfolio. This is simply a link to your website/ portfolio page on the web. I can’t say when and if your portfolio will be published. Simply follow our “Submitted Portfolio’s” section for all our portfolio updates.

Once I have featured your portfolio, you will probably keep creating new works. Logically you want to get featured with them as well… For that there are two other options. The first option is to submit a new project. This is meant for new works with more than one image, if I like what I see I will feature your work as a post. Otherwise I might share it on our social media channels. The last option is for when you want to submit a new artwork. Simply upload the work to me and I’ll publish it within a week as a ‘Featured Artwork’.

If anything is unclear, just let me know!

Houke de Kwant