The Beautiful Works of Rolando Cyril aka Aquasixio

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You may have seen several of Aquasixio’s works on our visual over the last few weeks. I came across his website thanks to his Shadowness profile and enjoyed all of his works. I can’s explain what it is, but for me there is something in his works which makes me look at them over and over again. I have clicked several times through all his works in his Shadowness profile and still can’t get enough of his works. In this post I share some of my favorite works with you, be sure to visit his website to see all his impressive works.

Don't get cold


In the school of life you will learn the shame


Voice of crystal


Don't trash your dreams


Swamp of Soap




Like a virgin


Le Pianoquarium


I dont come from the air


Carpe Diem


Long message service


Purblind puppets


Cheese players


Economic crisis


Solar Symphonies


Silent Prayers


Made of sand


Breathe me


Save our souls


Coeurs fondants


Blowing Bubbles


La fable des deux grenouilles




Feral Strings


The Chamburger


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